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    Manager on Jan 12, 2015
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    Dear Member,
    As the new Year of the Goat approaches we are launching an all new IFSA website which will emphasise interaction with, and between members, rather than simply being a static notice board. For IFSA to expand and grow it needs the involvement of all its members, so we have designed the new site so that you, the member, can directly update the site...so that you can write up your own profile...so that you can express opinions or ask questions about all those topics which are key to feng shui , and receive answers from the Masters, or from other members. Instead of waiting for the annual IFSC, you can express your opinions now, in real time. 
    For example:
    Should you use pie-slice house division, or rectangular Palaces?
    Should you change the Period of a house?
    And if so how do you do it?
    What is the best source for all 81 x 2 Flying Star combinations?
    What are the health implications for each of these?
    What is the best cure for a 'Bull Fighting' 2-3 combination?
    What is the average fee charged for feng shui advice in London?
    When is the next feng shui Convention in Moscow?
    ...the list goes on and on, so get involved.
    Member interaction is only part of the picture...there are a whole raft of new features coming online for you to explore:
    Members Forum for topic of discussion and reference
    Members can chat to each other through the site
    Event Publication
    Articles Publication
    Members profile management for Corporate, Full and Associate levels.
    Enhanced Snapshots and Dropbox for past IFSC photo's from members
    Newsletter feature
    Online Shop for IFSC ticket sales
    Membership renewals via the website using PayPal or Credit Card
    and much more....
    As the site is new please report any technical issues or difficulties navigating the site to admin@intfsa.org.   Also please take the time to update your professional profile, full details on how to do this are at http://intfsa.org/FAQs/members-profile-help.html  
    IFSA Executive Committee
    logo IFSC3

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