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The New Year of the Wood Goat is upon us - the Horse has already cantered away into the distance. There are many predictions about what will happen on a worldwide scale in this New Year. Previous Goat years were 1991 and 2003 both Gulf war years, so that suggests an intensification of hostilities in Iraq/Syria, but the black flag of ISIS (Water) may be drained by the Wood Element of the year. But as interesting as these are, the important news is what is going to happen to YOU in the New Year. We all know that the year will affect us all differently, according to our own pa tze (bazi) chart. Even without examining your chart in detail, there are certain deductions that can be made from the year of your birth. For example, Rats are entering a year where sociability and friendship and possibly romance will be enhanced, because the Rat is the "Flower of Romance" in the year of the Goat. Using the same logic, Snakes will see a lot of travelling this year, and so on.
By the way, we know the year can be called the year of either the sheep, goat or ram, because the Chinese word yang means all of these animals. In the context of Chinese metaphysics it does not matter which of these animals you use to label the year, A Western theological take on these animals might come down in favour of sheep, but the goat feels like a creature with more dynamism and character, features I hope we see in the coming year. 
It is always a significant time when the year changes, the Lunar New Year changed on the 19th February. But already you will have made the New Year feng shui changes on the 4th of February (if you haven't then you had better immediately attend to your SE and W sectors). If you were an ancient Chinese astronomer however you might instead have decided the year began at the depths of (NH) winter, at the winter solstice on 21st December in the previous year. These three dates measure very specific points in the movement of the heavenly bodies, and each is valid for a specific purpose.
As feng shui is closely tied to the revolution of the seasons (i.e. the path of the Earth round the Sun) so its New Year begins with Li Chun, Spring, the first of the 24 Solar Divisions. These dates are important to farmers and so the solar calendar is often called the Farmer's calendar. Lunar New Year is of course tied to the phases of the Moon, and most Chinese religious festivals use the lunar calendar. As the cycles of the Sun and the Moon only exactly line up every 19 years, these two New Years will seldom fall on the same day. The astronomer might point to the yin yang symbol where yang begins at the most intense yin point in the years, and so the seed of the New Year for him will be close to midnight (actually 23:04 GMT) on the 21st December. Whatever the date, a New Year involves evaluation and preparation.
Best Wishes to all our Members for the Wood Goat year from all here at IFSA in Singapore.
For IFSA to expand and grow in the New Year it needs YOUR involvement. Accordingly we have designed the new site so that you, the member, can directly update the site: that you can write up your own profile that you can express opinions or ask questions about all those topics which are key to feng shui you can receive answers from the Masters, or from other members.
So express your opinions now, in real time. 
We want to know what you think about:
        Should you use pie-slice house division, or rectangular Palaces?
Should you change the Period of a house?
What is the best source for the effects of all 81 x 2 Flying Star combinations?
What are the health implications for each of these?
What is the best cure for a 'Bull Fighting' 2-3 combination?
What is the average fee charged for feng shui advice in London, or Moscow, or Sydney?
...the list goes on and on, so get involved.
Member interaction is only part of the picture...there are a whole raft of new features coming online for you to explore:
        Members Forum for topic of discussion and reference
Members can chat to each other through the site
Event Publication
Articles Publication
Members profile management for Corporate, Full and Associate levels.
Enhanced Snapshots and Dropbox for past IFSC photo's from members
Newsletter feature
Online Shop for IFSC ticket sales
Membership renewals via the website using PayPal or Credit Card
and much more....
As the site is new please report any technical issues or difficulties navigating the site to   Also please take the time to update your professional profile, full details on how to do this are at  
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