This year we are excited to be holding the 12th IFSC over the weekend of 24th & 25th October, an event that is especially auspicious as it is being held in Shanghai, China. The theme is Chinese Metaphysics – East to West, and it promises to be a very rewarding Convention, as the emphasis this year will be upon practical application rather than theoretical studies. The emphasis will also be on how Chinese Metaphysics has been a positive influence on the rest of the world, with case studies from various countries.

The venue is the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview, centrally situated in Shanghai, adjacent to the beautiful Daning Lingshi Park, and not far from the famous Bund. An optional city tour of Shanghai will also be available on Monday 26th, your chance to enjoy the many attractions this thriving city has to offer, including the temple of the town god, the Taoist Yu Yuan Garden, the old town (Nanshi), Fuzhou Road and several world class museums of Chinese culture, to mention just a few.

This year’s theme promises a wide ranging selection of topics with a line up of experts and Masters from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Poland, Japan and the Ukraine all focussing on what Chinese Metaphysics has given to the West: a truly inspiring and international event. All talks will be in English.

Special airfares have been arranged through China Eastern Airlines, and special accommodation rates have been agreed with the hosting hotel. A Gala Dinner will be held on Sunday 25th. The ticket price is S$308, or S$368 including the Gala Dinner. The full Program is shown below.


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GM Raymond Lo

Four Pillars of Emperors and Generals in Chinese history

The dramatic life histories as reflected in the birthdays of famous Kings and Warriors in Chinese history have been the focus of study.  Some of these Four Pillars are so unique and special that they are often referred to as example of special category of BaZi.  This talk will walk through Chinese history from The Three Kingdoms to the Ching Dynasty using examples of interesting historical figures to demonstrate some special styles of Four Pillars.  We can  explore the fascinating technique of Four Pillars by going through the life of some famous Emperors of Tang, Sung, Ming, Ching Dynasties and also well known warriors such as Cheung Fai and Kwan Kung....etc.

GM Tan Khoon Yong

Changing World Trends

As we progress toward Period 9 this coming 2024, we are faced with a big transition. What's the next technological breakthrough and where will it be coming from? Will the green energy movement be gaining more momentum? And how will the rise of China upset the balance of world power? As uncertainty lies ahead, Grand Master Tan shares his view on where the world is heading. Knowing where to place yourself and when to act accordingly will be valuable knowledge in a changing world. Be prepared to step into the future through the lens of Grand Master Tan

GM Vincent Koh

Panel Discussion Moderator

The Panel will discuss with delegates the challenges faced by practitioners of Chinese Metaphysics in the Western world

Dr. Stephen Skinner

Dragons in the City: the dynamics of landform geography in Chinese Metaphysics

Much of Chinese Metaphysics is concerned with the measurement of time and space, two dimensions which are also of interest to modern geography, architecture and geophysics. In Chinese Metaphysics, the study of time includes the natural cycles of the seasons, the selection of appropriate hours in which to begin important projects, and the significance of birth at specific dates and times. Space is also of great importance, including the measurement of facing and sitting directions of buildings right down to one degree of accuracy, the mapping of rivers and interfluves, the effect of the geography of rivers and mountains on the life of people living nearby. Dr Skinner proposes to re-examine these connections, and how they can be modified in the environment of the modern high-rise city.

Master Janene Laird

Chinese Metaphysics in Australia

A combination of low interest rates, increasing overseas investment and a domestic housing shortage is driving a booming property market in most Australian major cities. The challenge for our practitioners is how to meet the demands and trends of modern day living, whilst still responding to the inherent significance of the land and the ancient guidelines of Chinese Metaphysics.

Master Petra Col Exposito

Practical experience, auditing & approaching clients in Germany 

How can we benefit from this “science of housing” in our everyday life at work and at home? How can we take advantage of the Asian style of art of living here and today? Come and take the rare opportunity to get answers to these questions. The subject will be explained by means of practice examples and reports resulting from 20 years of experience in helping people to live a more prosperous life.

Master Cristina Groza

The Development of Chinese Metaphysics in Romania

Every culture has its own powerful spirit that makes it both great and divine. And each little secret that we can reveal takes out values that have grown better and stronger in time, like wine.

As magic does happen, so once in a while, two cultures can combine their powers together. The differences do seem lost in time. The two cultures support each other and grow up stronger than ever.

Let's witness the joy of the Metaphysical play, in both ancient Romania and China. And as the ancient Greeks liked to say: "know yourself well and you can control your own fate."

Master Jacek Kryg

Western thinkers, writers and artists who have been inspired by the Yijing

The character Yijing consists of two ideograms: yi means "change" and jing meaning "book" or "canon", hence in the West  it is known as the ‘Book of Changes.’ From the philosophical point of view the Yijing is closely related to all aspects of Chinese culture or, as some scientists say, all aspects of Chinese culture came from this book. As it has grown from native Chinese culture, its basic ideas include the most important concepts of Chinese philosophy as dao, yin-yang, wu xing, ba gua and others. This talk  presents an analysis of the Yijing, from the point of view of its impact on modern Western civilization. Yijing inspiration in Western culture has been presented with regard to the impact of the ‘Book of Changes’ on philosophy and psychology, literature, film and music, as well as attempts to confront the Yijing with modern science and the reception of this sacred book in the New Age movement. A list of big names in the West, which were stimulated by the ideas of the ‘Book of Changes’ includes Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz – philosopher, Richard Wilhelm – priest and sinologist, Carl Gustav Jung – psychiatrist, Siergiej Michajłowicz Eisenstein – film director, Fritjof Capra – physicist and Philip Kindred Dick – science fiction writer, to mention the most important ones.

Master Aparna Agarwal

The path to becoming a professional practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics

From our first exposure to Chinese Metaphysics till becoming a practitioner, Master or Grand Master, there are many steps a person goes through. Like any other profession, amongst other things, it is very important to find the right institute, the right mentor, a professional networking group and a platform to share innovations and ideas.

Master Aparna will share how IFSA plays an important role in achieving the above and in bridging the gap between the Eastern Science and Western Practitioners in the field of Chinese Metaphysics

Master Goh Guan Leong

The  Challenges of Learning Chinese Metaphysics Outside China

Chinese Metaphysics originated from China.  It is eventually spread from the East to other countries such as England, Australia, Germany, Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Besides Hong Kong & Taiwan who share the same cultural roots with China, the rest of the countries are different from China in many ways.  Language is just one of the distinctive variables.

Through years of validation, the Chinese have established their own unique ways of decoding the invisible forces of the Universe.  Can Chinese Metaphysics be learned, or even mastered by non-Chinese?  What are the challenges for a non-Chinese in mastering Chinese philosophy? 

Everything in the Universe encompasses the Yin & Yang.  The Unity of Yin & Yang creates Oneness.  The 'fusion' between the Eastern & Western Philosophies helps to deepen our understanding of this Universe. 

Master Goh will be making comparisons between the Eastern and Western Ways of Learning and Teaching. He will also share his personal experiences of how he has mastered this Eastern Philosophy by adopting Westernized formats.

Master Lim Eng Cheong

Applying Qi Men Dun Jia Overseas

Qi Men Dun Jia is a profound methodology in Chinese Metaphysics that consists of an advanced and complex computational model encompassing the time and space dimensions. In ancient times, Qi Men Dun Jia had been applied in military maneuvers and strategic deployments with immense success.  Today, Qi Men Dun Jia is used extensively as a Chinese Metaphysics tool to predict the outcome of modern day situations. It helps people to assess the auspiciousness of their homes, offers insights on the specific career path that they are likely to excel in, alerts investors to favourable opportunities in the stock market and even advises people on whether it is safe to travel.

Master Lim will share with you case studies and examine trends and patterns in Qi Men Dun Jia applications overseas.

Master Viktoriia Khilinich

Vitality nourishment formulae in Chinese Metaphysics and medicine in the Ukraine


Nowadays there is an abundance of sophisticated technology in Western medicine, but there are still many cases where doctors find it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. What Western medicine cannot determine is often made clear by Chinese Metaphysics as soon as the calculations of dates of birth are made using the Chinese calendar.

This also helps in selecting the method of treatment chosen from a variety of modern ones, thereby avoiding wasting precious time. What food will improve metabolism and what kind of relaxation and vacation would best help the patient to restore their health, beauty and vitality not only in the near future, but for many years to come can also be calculated.

How to apply Chinese Metaphysics to make it accessible to any Western doctor? Master Victoriia Khilinich has created a bridge connecting all the useful methods of both East and West. She will present this as her Vitality Nutrition Formula based on life examples of hundreds of contemporary people, from her collection of five years of clinical records and birthdates.

“The modern person who has reached an excellence - not tied to stereotypes, integrates into his life Eastern awareness & Western logic, able to use both successfully to achieve benefits in business, at home, in his personal life and health.”

Master Rikako Fujiki

The development of Chinese Metaphysics in Japan

As part of the Japanese government system in the 10th Century, there existed the Divination Office called “the Onmyoryo”. In the Onmyoryo, there was the group of bureaucrats called Onmyoji, who served the emperor and nobles through rituals and divination. Their main duties were to choose lucky dates and directions and to perform exorcisms for nobles.  The base of their knowledge came from resources brought back by scholars and monks who visited the Tang Dynasty of China from the 7th to the 9th centuries. 

Since this presentation concerns the most famous Onmyoji, Abe Seimei, I will be introducing you to parts of Chinese metaphysics that existed in Japan at that time. Furthermore, I will be introducing you to Japan-specific metaphysics that these priests evolved. Next, I will talk about how common Japanese folks incorporated the Chinese Metaphysics that they inherited into Japanese-specific culture and customs. Lastly, I would like to touch upon the issue going forward, using a case study of a modern house construction.

Master Anita Zou

The Application of Chinese Metaphysics in Indonesia

Being the largest Moslem country in the world, Indonesian locals are very superstitious about their own almanac and geomancy principles. The majority of Indonesian Chinese also hold dearly to some old wives' tales and beliefs, which could contradict classical Chinese Metaphysics application. This talk will observe the dynamic of practicing Chinese Metaphysics in Indonesia from shopping malls to houses, including its interaction with the local rules of building houses and selecting auspicious dates, and how to work with the local beliefs harmoniously.

Master SBS Surendran

Integration of Indian Vaastu with Chinese Metaphysics


Ancient Indian civilization had a unique technique of construction, locating right sites and designing a building to create harmony, prosperity and health. The science, known as “Vaastu Shastra” in Sanskrit, is much revered in India. The study of Vaastu science includes ancient astrology, numerology, five elements theory and design concepts including mathematical ratios. The equivalent of Vaastu science is the Chinese Metaphysics which has a similar approach.

In this presentation Master Surendran will cover the science of Vaastu and Chinese Metaphysics similarities, common areas of integration and share insight of few classic case studies where the integrated approach has been adapted for building design.

The later part of the presentation will touch upon the western philosophy of balancing nature’s energies which affect the occupants of a building, methods to mitigate them and also a unique approach to make Vaastu and Chinese Metaphysics methods of corrections more effective through imaging and mapping.

Mark Tan

The Business of Chinese Metaphysics

Many dream about having a successful feng shui consulting business - the thought of owning your own business, being revered as an expert in your chosen field and seeing your bank account swell sounds extremely sexy. However, the reality of running a feng shui business requires more blood and sweat than glamorous outfits and a sexy Chinese name. While having great knowledge of feng shui is extremely important, the understanding of business and markets can help you grow your business in a healthy manner. 

Mark Tan, CEO of Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd, shares his view and experience of running a successful feng shui business and the sustainability of the industry as a collective whole

Tyler Rowe

Application of the Five Movements and Six Climates Method

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Five Luck and Six Qi Formula’ the Wu Yun Liu Qi is perhaps the oldest complete system of Fate Calculation still in use today.  With an emphasis on health, recent research coming out of China has shown the technique to be 80% accurate in forecasting weather patterns and predicting resultant epidemic illnesses.  Other applications include prediction of natural disasters and personal medical charts.

This presentation will demonstrate the process and its variants - simple to any student of Chinese Astrology – and explain the more complex physiological aspects.  Critical analysis of a number of historical events will be included to test its efficacy, as well as a stimulating look into the potential future.


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