IFSA Endorsement of Educational Courses.

Endorsement of Educational Courses related to the teaching of traditional Feng Shui, IV Pillars of Destiny and I Ching is available.  Interested applicants must fullfil the following requirements:
(1) Must be a Corporate Members of IFSA;
(2) Must have been awarded the title Master by IFSA through Master Accreditation process;
(3) To submit course syllabus to the IFSC Executive Committee for review and final approval;
(4) The course syllabus must have been taught to at least 2 years with favourable track records;
(5) Other requirements as the Committee deemed fit. 
Once approved, the endorsement fee is SGD$300 per calendar year and the educational facility will be eligible to display the IFSA Logo and the words “IFSA Accredited” on all certificates and associated marketing materials.

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