IFSA Endorsement of Educational Courses.

Endorsement of Educational Courses related to the teaching of traditional Feng Shui, IV Pillars of Destiny and I Ching is available.  Interested applicants must fullfil the following requirements:
(1) Must be a Corporate Members of IFSA;
(2) Must have been awarded the title Master by IFSA through Master Accreditation process;
(3) To submit course syllabus to the IFSC Executive Committee for review and final approval;
(4) The course syllabus must have been taught to at least 2 years with favourable track records;
(5) Other requirements as the Committee deemed fit. 
Once approved, the endorsement fee is SGD$300 per calendar year and the educational facility will be eligible to display the IFSA Logo and the words “IFSA Accredited” on all certificates and associated marketing materials.

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In view of the negative economic impact on businesses and individuals brought upon by COVID-19 pandemic, Executive Committee of IFSA is pleased to offer a 1-year membership extension to all members.  All membership certificates and membership cards issued by IFSA for Year 2020 or later should be valid for one additional year.

For more information, please contact IFSA Secretariat by email secretariat@intfsa.org.


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IFSC 2021 Malaysia

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6-7 November 2021

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Masters Series Webinar

Maintaining Good Health During COVID-19 Pandemic with Fengshui and Bazi Tools - Master Cristina Groza
Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yVKm3gmISkm6paPvGHu2Fg

Past IFSA Masters Webinars

 Secrets To Boosting Your Health-Wealth Potential

 The saying goes that Health is Wealth. Those with good health are akin to having good wealth while those with poor health suffer a joyless life no different from living in hell.