Master Accreditation


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 1.      Objective


To set standards and provide recognition for competent Feng Shui practitioners who possess the relevant knowledge and practical experiences in the field of Feng Shui practice. 


 2.    After the Accreditation


Practitioners who meet the criteria will be awarded the title of “Master” and are permitted to use the initials “AFSM” (Accredited Feng Shui Master) and the logo of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) in their business.


 3.    Our Strength


IFSA is a reputable body supported by an Executive Committee consisting of many world renowned practitioners and trainers with more than ten years of experience. Hence the Association, with the backing of its Grand Masters, is in the best position to award the title of “Master”.


 4.    Eligibility


To qualify, the practitioner must:


(1) Possess relevant Feng Shui qualifications from approved Feng Shui Schools or Academies
(2)  Have registered a Feng Shui related company for a minimum of 3 (three) years.
(3)  Be at least an Associate Member of IFSA.
(4) Be referred by either a mentor or teacher who is an IFSA accredited Master or Grand Master, an IFSA Executive Committee member or a renowned Feng Shui Practitioner in the industry, as recognized by the Accreditation Board of IFSA.
(5)  Submit a written Feng Shui Audit Report on any case study or previous audit completed by the applicant of not more than 5000 words and not more than 10 A4 size pages, in the format as follows:


(i)            Objective of Audit
(ii)           Findings and explanations
(iii)          Recommendations 


It is recommended that the report should be on a residential or commercial project of reasonable size and complexity so as to reflect the skill and knowledge of the applicant in the area of form school and compass school feng shui theories and Four Pillars of Destiny analysis. Any information to demonstrate the applicant’s qualification as a good standard Feng Shui consultant will be helpful.


Should the first submission of the Feng Shui Audit Report fail to meet the Master Accreditation Committee’s expectations, the applicant will have a second chance to submit another report between 3-6 months after the first submission.  The application will be considered unsuccessful if the second submission also fails to meet the Committee’s expectations.


Feng Shui Schools/Academies endorsed by IFSA:


(1)  Way Fengshui Group (Singapore)
(2)  Singapore Feng Shui Centre (Singapore)
(3)  Raymond Lo FengShui & Destiny (Hong Kong)
(4)  Yap Cheng Hai Academy (Malaysia)
(5)  Feng Shui Institute of Excellence (Germany)
(6)  Feng Shui Barnett & Partners (Romania)
(7)  Feng Shui by Jen LLC (USA)


 Any other Feng Shui Schools/Academies with equivalent reputation will be considered.


 5.    Fee


An application for Master Accreditation shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of S$550 for IFSA Members.  IFSA Chapter Members will pay S$730.


 6.    Application


Application for Master Accreditation can be submitted by using the Form AFSM.01 which can be downloaded from the IFSA website.


Click here for the form.


7.    Retention of Title


Retention of the title “Master” and initial “AFSM” will require continued IFSA membership and is subject to review by IFSA.  IFSA reserves the right to grant or refuse accreditation at its own discretion. Should there be a resignation or cancellation of IFSA membership in the future, the applicant is required to stop using the title “Master”, the initial “AFSM” and the Master Accreditation Certificate immediately.  IFSA reserves the right to take legal action against unauthorised usage of IFSA logo or any document bearing its logo by a non-member.



Accreditation Board of IFSA

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In view of the negative economic impact on businesses and individuals brought upon by COVID-19 pandemic, Executive Committee of IFSA is pleased to offer a 1-year membership extension to all members.  All membership certificates and membership cards issued by IFSA for Year 2020 or later should be valid for one additional year.

For more information, please contact IFSA Secretariat by email


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