Grand Master Dr.Stephen Skinner is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Recognized as the man who brought Feng Shui to the West, he wrote the first 20th century English book on the subject in 1976 called Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui.He is also responsible for launching and publishing the first full colour magazine on feng shui, Feng Shui For Modern Living, which was distributed in 41 countries with translated editions in German and Chinese. At its peak the English edition sold over 121,000 audited copies per month, and Stephen was nominated at the PPA awards as UK ‘Publisher of the Year’ (the UK print media equivalent of the Oscars).

Stephen was educated at Sydney University graduating in English Literature, Geography and Ancient Greek Philosophy. He holds a Doctorate in Classics from the University of Newcastle. His first profession was that of Geography Lecturer, at what is now the University of Technology in Sydney. His interests include feng shui, ancient civilisations, geometry, travel, computers, magic and the Middle Ages. Stephen spends his time consulting, writing, teaching and researching feng shui and the Western Hermetic tradition. He is the author of more than 47 books published worldwide in 20 different languages, and his books have had introductions by such diverse people as Colin Wilson, HRH Charles Prince of Wales, and Jimmy Choo, shoe designer to the stars. 

[My logo is a 17th century drawing of the constellations of Ursa Major (which contains Pei Tou, the Dipper or Ladle asterism, whose 9 stars are the Flying Stars of feng shui), and Ursa Minor (the two bears) together with Draco the Serpent and the Pole Star. The Pole Star is the throne of Hsuan T'ien Shang Ti, the Dark Warrior of the North, whose assistants are the Snake and the Turtle. As well as a feng shui meaning, this logo also has a Western esoteric significance related to my other interests.]





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B.A. Sydney University

Ph.D in Classics from the University of Newcastle.

Publisher of the first full colour international magazine on feng shui "Feng Shui for Modern Living" (1998)

Author of the first book on feng shui in English published in the 20th century: "The Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui" (1976)

Author of "Flying Star Feng Shui"

Author of "Guide to the Feng Shui Compass"





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